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Hamster Cages

Narrowing Your Search


Many hamster cages look great but don't always function well. Ease of cleaning is the biggest factor for me when I am looking for a cage, and some of the most popular cages are far from being easy to clean. Take a look at your options and consider more than just looks when choosing a hamster cage.

Below is a list of popular hamster cage options.

1. Critter Trail Cages

This line of cages is extremely popular due to all the available attachments and the variety of bright colors. Critter Trail cages are favorites of children and allow you to connect multiple cages and accessories using a variety of tubes. These cages offer places to put food, hang a water bottle and usually have a separate nesting area for hamsters but can be a challenge to clean and assemble. Some models have easy to remove bottoms to change out the bedding but the tubes and many compartments need to be washed and taken apart regularly.

While these cages are fun, they also have many, many plastic pieces that can crack and break. Plan to be very careful while assembling and anytime you need to take the cage apart to clean it.

2. Aquariums

Glass aquariums may have been the "original" hamster cages but there are definitely better options out there today. While glass aquariums are easy to clean, they also lack good ventilation.

To use an aquarium for your pet hamster you'll need a screen top with latches and a hanger for the water bottle. Accessories for hiding, a wheel, and a food dish are all extra since tanks are made for fish, not pocket pets.

3. Habitrail Cages

These cage systems are another brand like the Critter Trail cages. They are brightly colored, have a big variety of accessories, and can be a challenge to clean.

There is a special Habitrail OVO cage that is designed for dwarf hamsters and pet mice but due to all the tubes it is still hard to clean.

4. Prevue Hendryx Hamster Cages

These cages are colorful cages that have wire bottoms that sit in a plastic tray. They are much easier to clean since they don't have all the tubes some other cages have.

The wire bottoms aren't a favorite of mine but they are alright if you offer enough bedding material for your hamster to nest in elsewhere.

5. YML Group Hamster Cages

This company makes some cages similar to Habitrail and Critter Trail cages and others that are like the Prevue Hendryx cages but without the wire bottoms. They are all colorful and some have tubes and accessories while others just come with a house, food dish, and wheel. The cages without the tubes and wire bottom are easy to clean by detaching the bottom. They also make a cage specifically for dwarf hamsters and pet mice.

6. Penn Plax Hamster Cages

This company also makes a wide variety of cages. Some are plastic encase which are bad for ventilation, others have wire sides, and they all have some sort of tubes in them. They are brightly colored and all seem to be difficult to thoroughly clean all the pieces but some are harder than others. Some owners also report there are many small parts that their hamsters like to chew on.

7. Keven Quality Hamster Cages

This is an awesome, very large, wire sided cage with a plastic bottom. It is simple but still has everything a hamster needs and much more room than any other brand of cage - but it is expensive, averaging about $150.

8. Ware Manufacturing Hamster Cages

The original Ware cages were simple wire cages with plastic bottoms and wire shelves. Some customer complaints had to do with bar spacing and wire hinges not attaching well. Another style of Ware cages is called the Carefresh Complete line (like the bedding brand, Carefresh) and resemble the colorful plastic Habitrail and Critter Trail cages. These Carefresh cages claim to be easy to clean and assemble and don't look like they have too many pieces to them. They also work with the Habitrail and Critter Trail systems so if you want to complicate things or add a little more fun for your hamster you can always add all the tubes and hamster toys to this easier to clean, less complicated cage.

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