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Frog Health and Diseases

Find out about pet frog health and diseases.

Frogs Contributing to the Spread of Chytrid and Amphibian Extinction Crisis
There is concern among frog conservationists about the contribution of the pet trade to the widespread declines in population of frogs due to over-harvesting for the pet trade and the spread of the devastating Chytrid fungus. While frogs make nice pets, read this before considering a frog as a pet, and think twice about getting a frog.

Pet Frog Prolapse
This article explains what a prolapse is and what the most common reasons for prolapsing are.

African Dwarf Frog Dropsy
Does your african dwarf frog look bloated? He may have african dwarf frog dropsy.

Frog Lumps
Find out what that lump on your frog could be.

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