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Exotic Cats

Persians and Siamese aren't the only breeds of felines you'll find in households. Learn more about the exotic cats that are kept as pets.

Big Cats
A look at the suitability of exotic cats as pets.

The Hybrid Cat
The hybrid cat is gaining in popularity for many reasons. Read who these cats are and why they are loved by many.

The serval is a wild cat that is gaining in popularity in the exotic pet world.

Jungle Bobs
Jungle Bobs are a unique breed of cats that resemble bobcats.

Rehoming Exotic Pets
Rehoming exotic pets who have been found in the wild or who are no longer being taken care of properly is an increasing concern. Everyone agrees it isn't fair to kill these animals but what do we do with them?

Pet Tigers
Learn about keeping tigers as pets and why it isn't a good idea.

Feeding Exotic Cats
Find out what you should be feeding your Bengal, Savannah cat, Ocicat, or other exotic house cat.

Savannah Cats
Learn about pet Savannah cats.

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