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Kodak's Peregrine Falcon Web Cam

Kodak's Peregrine Falcon Web Cam Kodak Gives Us a Great View of Nesting Falcons

In 1998, a pair of peregrine falcons began nesting in a nest box placed high on the Kodak Tower in Rochester, NY. The pair returned every year since to the man-made nest box to rear their young, although this year a new male has appeared (peregrines usually mate for life, and no one is sure what happened to the female's previous mate).

Kodak has provided a web cam to allow viewing of the falcons as they nest and rear their young. Along with several camera views, Kodak provides information on the history of the falcons as well as general falcon information.

"We're providing a nurturing and protective environment for these rare birds," said R. Hays Bell, director of Kodak's Health, Safety, & Environment organization and a Kodak vice president. "In doing so, we are helping the larger effort of re-establishing the Peregrine falcon population in western New York state." Anyone interested in peregrine falcons should visit the web cam and associated materials, which provide very interesting viewing:

Image © Eastman Kodak Company, used with permission.

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