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Pinktoe Tarantulas as Pets


Pinktoe Tarantula

Pinktoe Tarantula - photo courtesy of e-spiderworld.com

John Hoke

Scientific Name:

Avicularia avicularia


Pinktoe Tarantulas reach a leg span of around 4.5 - 5 inches

Life Span (females):

up to 10+ years (males much shorter)


Pinktoe Tarantulas are arboreal (tree-dwelling) so needs a taller tank than terrestrial species, with room to climb. 10 gallons is sufficient space as long as height is provided. 2-3 inches of peat moss or soil can be used for substrate, and branches and live plants/vines should be provided for climbing.


75-85 F (24-30 C)




Crickets and other large insects (must be pesticide free), occasional pinky mouse.


Pinktoe Tarantulas are usually docile, but are very fast!


Arboreal spiders are considered a bit more difficult to keep than terrestrial/burrowing species. They are also very fast and hard to catch if they escape.

Tarantula photo reprinted with permission of John Hoke, e-spiderworld.com

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