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Desert Blonde Tarantulas as Pets


Desert Blonde Tarantula

Desert Blonde Tarantula - photo courtesy of e-spiderworld.com

John Hoke

Scientific Name:

Aphonopelma chalcodes

Also Known As:

Mexican Blonde Tarantula


Desert Blonde Tarantulas can have a leg span of up to 6 inches (leg span)

Life Span (females):

About 20 years (as with other tarantulas the life span of males is much shorter)


A small (5-10 gallon) tank is suitable for Desert Blonde Tarantulas. The width of the tank should be two to three times wider than the leg span of the spider wide, and only as tall as the spider's leg span. 3 inches of peat moss, soil, or vermiculite can be used as a substrate. Wood, cork bark, or half of a small clay flower pot can be used for a shelter/retreat. Desert blondes will often dig a deep burrow in the substrate.


75-80 F (24-27 C)




Crickets and other large insects (must be pesticide free), occasional pinky mouse for adults.


Desert Blonde Tarantulas are considered slightly more aggressive than other "beginner" species.


This is a long-lived but slow growing species.

Tarantula photo reprinted with permission of John Hoke, e-spiderworld.com

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