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How To Set Up a Sugar Glider Cage


How to set up a cage to make your sugar glider feel at home.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 20 min

Here's How:

  1. Buy or build your own cage - 24x24x36 inches high as a minimum for 1-2 sugar gliders, but larger is better.
  2. Make sure the wire spaces are no more than 1 by 1/2 inch, or 1/4 inch apart for vertical bars. A tall, large finch cage works well.
  3. Ensure that the cage door is large enough to fit a nest box through.
  4. Set up the cage in a quiet part of the home, on a table top unless the cage is very tall.
  5. Make sure the cage is kept at 65-75 F (18-24 C), and out of direct sunlight.
  6. Attach clip-on bird dishes for food and water. A water bottle can be used, but provide a dish of water until you are sure that the sugar glider knows how to use it.
  7. Add a nest box or two, which can be wood, plastic, wicker, or a cloth pouch hung from the cage.
  8. Add a layer of corn cob bedding or aspen shavings to the bottom of the cage.
  9. You do not need bedding in the nest box, but you can add a sleeping pouch or other soft cloth - just make sure there are no loose threads or loops that the glider could get caught up in (fleece works well) and that the glider is not eating it. No wood shavings should be used.
  10. Provide fresh branches for climbing. Avoid evergreen branches (such as cedar and pine) or any pesticide treated wood.
  11. Add toys - bird toys such as ladders and bells can be used, provided there are no small parts that the glider could eat.
  12. A length of PVC pipe can be added as a tunnel for playing and hiding.
  13. Add a solid surface exercise wheel (avoid wire hamster type wheels).
  14. Add sugar gliders!


  1. Vertical space is very important to allow sugar gliders to climb.
  2. Food dishes and nest boxes should be placed high up in the cage, as that is where the gliders will feel the most comfortable.
  3. Nest boxes should have a minimum 1.5 inch opening. A plastic storage container with a hole cut in the side can work well. Wood is fine but gets soiled easily and is hard to clean.

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