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Rabbit Quiz

Rabbits and Easter, and Quick Pet Rabbit Quiz


rabbit photo - Specky


Lianne McLeod

Question: Why is there an Easter Bunny?

Answer: How Rabbits First became Associated with Easter

Please note: the association between rabbits and Easter means rabbits are often impulsively acquired as pets at Easter time. Unfortunately, many of these bunnies end up neglected or given up for adoption since those cute little bunnies grow up into rabbits that need as much attention and care as a dog. Rabbits can be destructive if deprived of attention and appropriate toys, and need to be spayed or neutered to cut down on behavioral problems and health risks. In addition, rabbits are not ideal pets for children, partly because rabbits usually do not like to be held or cuddled. Always research a potential pet thoroughly to make sure it will be a suitable companion before getting one, and avoid the impulse to get a bunny for Easter.

Rabbit Quiz
Now about those rabbits: here's a quick 10 question quiz to check your rabbit knowledge. Click on the "Answer" link to jump to a page with the answer and the next question. Have fun!

First Question:

Rabbits can live to 12 years old. True or False? --> Answer

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