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Hissing Cockroaches

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Sometimes names just go well together (e.g. salt and pepper) and are ideal for naming a pair of pets, or even a group. Here are some suggestions for names for pairs of pets sent in by our readers:

Akasha and Enkil
Ala and Bama
Alexaner and Cleopatra
Ambrosia and Marshmallow
Amos and Andy
Angel and Devil
Angelina and JoLee
Ant and Dec
Athena and Zeus
Axel and Slash
Baby Girl and Little Buddy
Bambi and Thumper
Bart and Lisa
Bartles and Jaymes
Batman and Robin
Baxter and Alexander
Beauty and Beast
Ben and Jerry
Betty and Veronica
Bippity and Boppity
Blizzard and Snowball
Blossom and Petal
Blueberry and Strawberry
Bludger and Snitch
Bob and Dylan
Bonnie and Clyde
Boris and Natasha
Brandi and Bacardi
Britney and Justin
Budong and Utong
Bumble and Bee
Bunny and Clyde
Burt and Ernie
Buster and Dusty
Buttons and Bows
Cain and Abel
Calamity and Chaos
Calvin and Chanel
Calvin and Hobbes
Castor and Pollux
Cheddar and Chives
Cheddar and Monterey Jack
Cheech and Chong
Cherry and Blossom
Cheza and Kiba
Chickpea and Sandino
Chilli and Pepper
Chocolate and Vanilla
Cinna and Raisin Buns
Cinderella and Prince Charming
Clarice and Hannibal
Cling and Clang
Cocoa and Mocha
Cotton and Polyester
Crash and Flash
Crush and Squirt
Cup and Cake
Cyclone and Twister
Daisy and Duke
Daisy and Flower
Dakota and Montana
David and Goliath
De Niro and Pacino
Diego and Sid
Divit and Putter
Dodger and Charger
Dolly and Llama
Dora and Boots
Dory and Nemo
Ebony and Ivory
Flatcap and Rex
Fluffanutter and Nutterbutter
Fortune and Cookie
Fred and Barney
Fred and Ginger
Fred and Ethel
Fred and Ethyl
Frito and Soda
Frodo and Sam
Fudge and Brownie
Gadget and Gizmo
Gadget and Penny
Gato and Neko
Gemini and Libra
Giggles and Googles
Ginger and Nutmeg
Goofy and Goober
Goofy and Pluto
Gucci and Versatchi
Guy and Girly
Hades and Satan
Harry and Harriet
Harry and Hermione
Harry and Sally
Hera and Apollo
Hera and Zeus
Hershey and Zero
Him and Her
Hip and Hop
Homer and Marge
Honor and Justice
Hotflip and Mistyflip
Hugs and Kisses
Ima and Cronk
Ink and Dink
Itsy and Bitsy
Jack and Wyatt
Jake and Elwood
Jetsam and Flotsam
Jesse and James
Jesse James and Belle Star
Joey and Chandler
Joey and Zoey
Johnny Bravo and Johnny Vegas
Julius and Ceasar
Kanga and Roo
Knot and Tangle
Kuddles and Kisses
Kyoke and Nishibi (sunrise and sunset in Japanese)
Laura and Ellie
Lavern and Shirley
Lenny and Squiggy
Lewis and Clark
Lightning and Thunder
Lilly and Otis
Lilo and Stitch
Linus and Lucy
Lorenzo and Isabella
Lucy and Ricky
Macaroni and Cheese
Mac n' Tosh
Maggie and May
Magical Alice and Mischief Jane
Mango and Tango
Mardi and Gras
Mary and Kerry
Mary-Kate and Ashley
Merry and Pippin
Mickey and Minnie
Mocha and Frappaccino
Mocha and Vanilla
Mohady and Musti
MoJo and JoJo
Mooku and Kooku
Mr. Fluffles and Flufflebunny
Mufasa and Nala
Neddy and Nelly
Nemo and Dory
Number 1 and Number 2
Orion and Carina
Orion and Nova
Oscar and Felix
Ozzy and Harriet
Paris and Nicole
Parsley and Sage
PB and J
Peanutbutter and Jelly
Peanut and Cashew
Pebbles and Bam Bam
Pepsi and 7'up
Pepsi and Cola
Peter and Matilda
Phoebe and Ursula
Ping and Pong
Pinky and The Brain
Pip and Squeek
Pluto and Venus
Pongo and Perdita
Pooh and Piglet
Rabbit and Bunny
Rachel and Ross
Rainy and Sunny
Rattus and Norvegicus (better known as Ratty and Veggie)
Raven and Chelsea
Ren and Stimpy
Reno and Tahoe
Reno and Vegas
Roger and Dodger
Romeo and Juliet
Rythum and Blues
Sage and Parsley
Salt and Pepper
Sammy and Sassy
Sandy and Beach
Savannah and Suzannah
Scooby and Doo
Scuni and Mad Dog
Shark and Bait
Sheila and Monty
Smokey and Bandit
Snail and Slug
Sniper and Scout
Socrates and Aristotle
Sonny and Cher
Spanky and Darla
Special and Ed
Spongebob and Patrick
Starlight and Moondust
Sugar and Spice
Thumper and Bumper
Taco and Chalupa
Teasha and Teaka
Terri and Softy
Thelma and Louise
Tequila and Taco ("Tic n Tac")
The Godfather and Fat Tony
Tic and Tac
Timon and Pumba
Tisket and Tasket
Tom and Jerry
Topaz and Quartz
Toxic and Chaos
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
Vegas and Hollywood
Wallace and Grommit
Wilbur and Orville
Winkin' and Blinkin'
Wishee and Washee
Wizzy and Wozza
Ying and Yang
Yogi and Booboo
Zen and Tao
Zeus and Aphrodite
Zeus and Roxanne

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