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Leopard Geckos

Leopard Geckos

Lianne McLeod
There are many species of geckos, and several are kept as pets. The most popular is likely the leopard gecko, which is a good starter reptile and is also popular with experienced owners. They are docile, relatively easy to tame and also relatively easy to care for. However, several other species of gecko, such as the crested gecko, are becoming quite popular and are also suitable for beginners.

Geckos come in a variety of beautiful patterns/colors depending on the species. However, as always, know what you are getting and what will be needed to provide a good home for a gecko. The requirements and difficulty of care will vary with different species, as will temperament.

Never grab a gecko by the tail, for they will often drop their tails (a natural defense against predators). If this should happen, however, do not panic. It will grow back, although it may have a different shape and/or color. The gecko should be well fed (and ideally separated from their cage mates) until the tail has regrown.

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