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How To Litter Train a Ferret


With patience and consistency, you can get your ferret to use a litter box and reduce messes during play time!
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: variable

Here's How:

  1. Initially, keep ferret confined to cage with a litterbox.
  2. Observe to make sure ferret is using box. If your ferret seems to prefer another area of cage, move litterbox there.
  3. Once your ferret is using litter box in cage, let out of cage in a limited space, under close supervision. Place a second litterbox outside of the cage in this space.
  4. Place the ferret in the litter box before taking out to play, and frequently take to box during play time.
  5. If you notice your ferret backing into a corner, take him/her to the litter box.
  6. Whenever the ferret uses the litter box, make sure he/she gets lots of praise and possibly a favorite treat.
  7. Never punish your ferret for mistakes. Gently place your ferret in the litter box if caught in the act, but this must be immediate to have any effect.
  8. Once your ferret is using box outside of the cage, gradually increase the space the ferret can roam in.
  9. Add more litter boxes as necessary as a ferret likely won't go too far in search of a box.
  10. Be flexible about placement of boxes - if your ferret seems to prefer a particular place as a toilet, put a box there.
  11. If your ferret wants to use an inconvenient location, place a box there and gradually move it out of the way.
  12. If your ferret begins having accidents, go back to the confinement or limited space with supervision stage and begin again.


  1. Use a low walled box, and you may want to leave a little waste in the box to make it clear that it is the toilet area.
  2. In the cage, put in lots of blankets and towels around the box to clearly separate the bed and bathroom areas.
  3. Be patient and consistent, and expect a few accidents as ferrets usually don't litter train perfectly. Constant supervision while ferret is out of the cage will be necessary in the early stages.
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