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Top Ten Reasons Ferrets Make Good Pets


While ferrets are not for everyone, they can make great pets for the right owner. They are affectionate and bond to their owners, and there are few pets as playful as ferrets (yet they are quiet for a large portion of the day). They seem to have garnered a negative image in some places, which is largely undeserved. Here's my list of reasons ferrets make good pets!

1. Ferrets are cute!
With mischevious eyes and sweet faces, ferrets are undeniably adorable. See the Ferret Photo Gallery for proof!

2. Ferrets are very playful and curious.
They will entertain you endlessly with their antics. They will happily play with toys, and watching ferrets play for the sheer joy of it is guaranteed to lift your mood. Remember, it is known that owning pets has real health benefits and the joy and affection they bring is the main reason.

3. Ferrets are sociable, friendly and affectionate.
It if often recommended (although not essential) to have more than one. Having two or more ferrets increases the fun factor for the owner and the ferrets as they will interact and play together, sometimes with wild abandon. And despite having other ferrets to socialize with, they will still crave attention from their owners.

4. Ferrets are intelligent.
Some owners are amazed at how adept ferrets become at solving problems - and training their owners. Ferrets are very determined and will work at figuring something out with surprising persistence.

5. Ferrets are quiet.
While they can and do vocalize, for the most part they are very quiet. For example, probably the only time a ferret will make a noise loud enough for someone in the next apartment to notice is if the ferret is hurt or very frightened. They also sleep away a large portion of the day.

6. Ferrets are small.
Therefore, ferrets don't need a huge cage. Of course, the bigger the better, and ideal ferret cages are tall with muliple levels, so they still don't take up too much room. They do need time out of the cage daily for playtime and exercise, no matter what size cage you give them.

7. Ferrets are easy to feed.
This is especially true now that a variety of good quality ferret foods have become more widely available.

8. Ferrets can be litter trained.
Perhaps not to the same extent as cats, in that there are bound to be a few accidents. However, most can be fairly reliably trained to use a litter box in and out of their cages - a big plus when you have them out for exercise for a couple of hours a day!

9. Ferrets are easy to exercise.
They can get all the exercise they need tearing around your (ferret-proofed) home! Of course, if you want you could take them for walks. With a ferret sized harness and a little training, you can take them out for a stroll. There are few things that will start a conversation with strangers faster than walking your ferret in the park!

10. Ferret have distinct personalities.
Every ferret is unique and has it's own personality. Some are independent, and some are very cuddly, but each is an individual and treat to get to know!

For more on ferrets and their care, see Ferrets 101

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