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How To Set Up a Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea pigs are realtively large so need a fair amount of space, but otherwise have minimal special needs when it comes to housing.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 20 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Choose a cage that is large enough - 2 square feet per guinea pig is a good guide, although the more room the better. Make sure the cage will be easy to clean.
  2. Place the cage on a stable surface in your home, away from drafts and direct sunlight, but near a place where people spend a lot of time.
  3. Add bedding, such as a recycled paper based bedding or aspen shavings, but avoid cedar shavings.
  4. Add a nest box of some sort - these can be purchased or household items as simple as a cardboard boxes can be used (these can be discarded once soiled and replaced). Thick PVC pipe is also an option.
  5. Provide a heavy ceramic food bowl (the heavier and wider the better to prevent tipping). You may also want to get a small hay rack to hang from the side of the cage.
  6. Provide a water bottle (the kind with a metal tube with a ball in the end) that can be fixed to the side of the cage.
  7. Provide some toys - guinea pigs like balls, hanging toys, and anything they can climb on or into. Even a paper bag makes a good toy, although it should be removed if it is being eaten.
  8. Your cage is now ready for guinea pigs!


  1. Avoid cages with wire floors - these are too hard on their feet.
  2. Guinea pigs are social and do best kept in groups of two (or more) - so plan on a large cage to accommodate them.
  3. Plan on cleaning the cage once a week, and clean the water and food bowls daily.

What You Need:

  • Cage
  • Bedding
  • Food bowl
  • Water bottle
  • Nest box(es)
  • Toys

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 ~ Lianne McLeod
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