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African Side-Neck Turtles

By May 7, 2013

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Aquatic turtles are popular pets but if you are looking for a little less common water turtle than the Red eared slider or Yellow Bellied cooter you should check out the African Side-Neck turtle.  This turtle is named so because he cannot fully tuck his head into his shell, therefore he has to turn his head to the side.  Read about African Side-Neck turtles to see what other unique qualities they possess.


May 13, 2013 at 4:56 pm
(1) bj the turtle lady says:

OMG! I am soooo happy 2 finally c something on African Side necks! I bot 1 over a yr ago & fell in love w/her. She looks like she’s always smiling & has such a darlingpersonality, so I got another last month. However, they said she was a girl & wouldn’t come out of her shell. At home we got her 2 come out, but she has long nails in front & the bottom shell comes up & closes like a hinged door. She’s a bit darker than the 1st doesn’t have that built in smile & her tail never comes out. My 1st 1, Clara’s tail is thicker & since a couple of days ago, I noticed something coming out of her tail. U’ve guessed it, I believe that Clara Jane is a male & Clammy Sammy is the female??? Clara doesn’t have a hinged bottom shell like Clammy, & Clammy’s front feet nails r longer, something like Clyde, my male red-eared slider. They both still r very cute & almost the same size. They get along fine so far, I just hope when they get bigger they’ll b able. Share the female & male tanks I have for the red-eared turtles. Clara has shared the bigger tank w/my 3 females, wonder if that’ll change when she gets large?

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