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red eared slider pictureConsidering a red eared slider as a pet? I've compiled a list of things you should consider before choosing a red eared slider (or any other semi-aquatic turtle, for that matter) as a pet. While the list may sound a bit anti-turtle, I really don't mean it that way -- I just want anyone considering a turtle to know what they are getting into and to be prepared to offer the proper care over the life time of their turtle. Speaking of a life time commitment, here's one thing you should know: turtles should live a long time, so be prepared to care for your turtle for decades. Unfortunately, many turtles don't reach anywhere near their expected life span because their owners weren't properly advised about the requirements for their proper care, and what sort of housing they need. Find out about this, and some other things you should know about red eared sliders before getting one as a pet, here.


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